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Anglican Church of Our Saviour
Florence, South Carolina
founded 1977
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Services conform to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer
Beliefs conform to those of the One Church as established 33 A.D.

Biblical Teaching
Family Centered
Traditional Worship
Catholic Faith

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Fr. Frank Martin
Rambling Rector Emeritus

Sunday Worship Services 9:00 a.m.
Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer

(see Service Schedule)

Bible Study and Fellowship: (see Bible Study Schedule).
Phone: (843) 667-4314
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Bible Study

Deacon Peter Towle
Deacon Peter Towle

Deacon Beau Davis
  Fr. Beau Davis

Fr. Scott McCleary
Fr. Scott McCleary

Sunday Services are held at Parkwood Presbyterian Chapel
Corner of Cascade Ave. and Pamplico Hwy. (SC 51)
Florence, South Carolina
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The Church is the house of God and the gate of Heaven. Everyone is cordially welcome. If you can visit just for a day, we wish you every joy in our Lord, always present whenever we are gathered. If you seek a Church home, we invite you to join our parish family (and we really do mean family). Our Church is a parish of the Anglican Catholic Church which stands in the unbroken continuity of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Faith is based on the Word of God found in Holy Scripture, and on the Seven Ecumenical Councils of the Undivided Church. The Church of Our Savior is dedicated solely to the glory of God, the uncompromised living of His Faith, and the perpetuation of the liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer.

William G. Bullock (Bill), Senior Warden
Phone: (843) 667-4314
"If you or someone you care about could use guidance or would like information about our Church, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our calling is to serve."

Joseph W. Sallenger (Gofer Joe), Junior Warden
Phone: (843) 661-1385 or (843) 679-3079

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The Holy Slice by Robert C. Harvey
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The Congress of St. Louis, FCC, 14-16 September 1977
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Mark Haverland, Metropolatin
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Fr. Alexander
Fr. George Alexander


                  Garrett Clanton
Fr. Garrett Clanton

Deacon Davies
Deacon Christopher Davies

Happiness is a hug from Fr. Martin
Happiness is a hug
from Father Martin

Jamie and Bill
The busy world is hushed....

In Memoriam
Gunner Anne
Anne Willson Bethea Powell
Founder of The Anglican Church of Our Saviour
June 13, 1926 - September 2, 2015

Anne Powell, so proud of her Marion, South Carolina heritage, is returning to Marion and be laid to rest alongside Aurice, her late husband and co-founder of the Anglican Church of Our Saviour. If you ever needed a true friend in troubled times, this was the lady to have by your side. Anne lived her life on her own terms, independent in every sense to the very end, passing quietly at Thrushwood, her Florence home.

Pete Sieler
In Memoriam

Peter George Sieler
Treasurer extraordinaire and all-around good egg
March 30, 1941 - June 13, 2015

Peter Sieler spent over 50 years in the broadcast and print media business. Since arriving in Florence in 1999, he became invaluable to the Anglican Church of Our Saviour by contributing his experience in business and publicity but, even more, by quietly injecting the good common sense he learned growing up in Montana. We will miss the humor of the non sequiturs Pete used to liven up the dull vestry meeting.
Allen Lewis

In Memoriam

Allen Miles Lewis
Anglican scholar and faithful servant
November 22, 1947 - December 2, 2015

Allen and Kay Lewis made Anglican Church of Our Saviour their home for many years. Allen taught Bible study around Louise "Mama Cat" Sallenger's dining room table, and Kay set about crafting exquisite vestments for clergy and lay readers. We missed them acutely when they moved out of our region, and now we mourn Kay's loss. Yet we celebrate in certainty that, having served with constancy on earth, Allen has joined the blessed saints in glory everlasting.

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