Anglican Church of Our Saviour
Florence, South Carolina

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Services conform to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer
Beliefs conform to those of the One Church as established 33 A.D.

St. Louis Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen Congress
September 14-16, 1977

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Play Button  01 Congress Opened - Perry Laukauff and Purpose - Capt. Walter Swindells.mp3
Play Button  02 Organizational Items - Fr. George Clendenen.mp3
Play Button  03 Opening Prayer - Perry Laukauff.mp3
Play Button  04 Introductions of Panel - Perry Laukauff.mp3
Play Button   05 Remarks - Bishop Alfred Chambers.mp3
Play Button  06 Opening Address - Perry Laukauff.mp3
Play Button  07 Introduction of Fr. George Rutler - Perry Laukauff.mp3
Play Button  08 Address - Fr. George Rutler.mp3
Play Button  09 Introduction of Fr. Carroll E. Simcox.mp3
Play Button  10 Address - Fr. Carroll E. Simcox, Editor of The Living Church.mp3
Play Button  11 Introduction of Dr. Thomas Barnes.mp3
Play Button  12 Address - Dr. Thomas Barnes, U.C.Berkeley.mp3
Play Button  13 Closing Prayer - Session 1.mp3
Play Button  14 Session 2 Opening and Introduction of Dotty Faber.mp3
Play Button  15 Address - Dotty Faber, Founder of The Christian Challenge.mp3
Play Button  16 Introduction of Fr. George Clendenen (then-deposed ECUSA priest).mp3
Play Button  17 Address - Fr. George Clendenen.mp3
Play Button  18 Concluding Remarks - Session 2.mp3
Play Button  19 Open of Final Session and Introduction of Fr. James Parker.mp3
Play Button  20 Introduction of Hon. Lewis E. Traycik - Fr. James Parker.mp3
Play Button  21 Reading of Affirmation of St. Louis - Hon. Lewis E. Traycik, co-author.mp3
Play Button  22 Comments on Affirmation, Charge to Congress - Perry Laukauff.mp3
Play Button  23 Message - Bishop Alfred Chambers.mp3
Play Button  24 Address - Bishop Elect James Mote.mp3
Play Button  25 Congress Closed - Perry Laukauff.mp3

From 1977 cassette recordings made by Russell B. Joseph
Converted 2008 to 80Kbps mp3 format by Joseph W. Sallenger

More about the Affirmation of St. Louis

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Happiness is a hug from Fr. Martin
Happiness is a hug
from Fr. Martin

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