Anglican Church of Our Saviour
Florence, South Carolina

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Services conform to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer

Feeling "left behind" by your church?

          These days it seems like many ministers are more involved in church politics than in the spiritual welfare of their congregations. Our clergy still believe their calling is, first and foremost, to guide their congregation towards salvation through God's grace.
          At Church of Our Saviour we hold to the faith of our fathers, unchanged by recent "social progress." Our ministry is world-wide, rooted in the tradition of the early Anglican church and continued in America through the mid-1900s by the Episcopal Church.
          Since our Florence parish was founded in 1977, we have continued to worship from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and strive to follow the example of Christ while other churches have moved on, reinventing Jesus and reinterpreting His ministry to suit their purposes. We don't mind being "left behind."
          We still believe in Christian morality and the sanctity of human life, and reject the false standards of the world. Do you? We are so unprogressive that we still believe that holy matrimony is a life-long sacramental union between one man and one woman as ordained by our Creator. Do you? Maybe we should get together and see what else we have in common.
          If you feel like your shepherd is off lobbying for higher mutton prices instead of watching over his flock, you just might need a new shepherd. While you are waiting for your current or former church to come to its senses and "get right with God" again, you are cordially invited to worship with us -- and maybe rediscover a little of the beauty that was "left behind."

Happiness is a hug from Fr. Martin
Happiness is a hug
from Fr. Martin

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